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Guyana, South Americas Agricultural Gem

Guyana is the unrecognized crown jewel of the world, the best-kept secret located in South America. The magnificent Amazon Rainforest covers the majority of this wondrous land. The blessed land of Guyana naturally produces agricultural rich products that are world renowned and highly sought after. Guyana is well known for its famous Demerara sugar and rum. The natural beauty of Guyana is second to none.

The mythical city of gold was said to be in Guyana, which inspired many unsuccessful expeditions and was ultimately the cause of the British colonization.

Guyana Rainforest Coffee has rediscovered yet another hidden gem from the pristine Amazon Rainforest of Guyana. Guyana naturally produces an ultra rare coffee bean, cultivated in sustainable boutique coffee estates, which produces one of the best coffees in the world. We have made this one-of-a-kind and rare coffee available to the US coffee consumer and the rest of world.

Beautiful Guyana

The History of Coffee from Guyana

Coffee Plantation British GuianaA rare variety of coffee beans have been cultivated and harvested in the Pomeroon-Supenaam of Guyana’s Rainforest. Guyana’s history of coffee dates back to the early 1700s. By 1810 British Guiana exported over 22 million pounds of coffee, at one point, Guyana was the largest exporter of coffee beans in South America. Today an ultra rare coffee bean that evolved over many years can only be found in Guyana.

The coffee bean distributed by Guyana Rainforest Coffee is as rare and one-of-a-kind as the miraculous Amazon Rainforest it’s grows in. This coffee bean produces the absolute best tasting coffee that’s a brand new coffee experience.

The ethically sourced coffee from Guyana is in very limited supply. This is the first time in modern history that coffee from Guyana has been commercially exported. Our coffee is processed using a state of the art process by our experts and high-ended equipment. Order this magnificent and rare Rainforest species of coffee today.


The coffee from Guyana is one of the most premium and best tasting coffees in the world. 100% naturally grown in the pristine and protected Rainforest, ethically sourced, GMO free and sustainable. Our coffee beans are the rarest of the rarest variety of coffees and offers an unprecedented and new coffee experience.

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