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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Guyana?

Guyana is located in South America. It’s the only English speaking country in South America.

How long has coffee been in Guyana?

Coffee was first brought over to Guyana in 1721 for cultivation. By 1810 British Guiana exported 22 million pounds of coffee.

Where did the coffee from Guyana originate?

The coffee plants, originally from Yemen, were brought to the Coast of South America from the famous Hortus Botanicus Nursery in Amsterdam.

Why did coffee production in Guyana stop?

Harvesting coffee was abandoned for the British lead sugar production.

What does Guyana Coffee taste like?

Guyana Rainforest Coffee has a hint of natural sweetness and touch of a fine red wine after taste that is perfectly entangled with a slight smoked cocoa flavour and a palate-pleasing hint of golden citrus and rich coconut that is superiorly smooth, rich and full bodied, with absolutely no bitterness.

Is Guyana coffee good?

Guyana coffee is great tasting coffee and is a must try.

Is Guyana coffee available in Canada and the United States?

A company located in Canada known as Guyana Rainforest Coffee has made this coffee available to Canadian and US consumers.

Where can I buy coffee from Guyana?

Coffee from the origin can be purchased online at guyanacoffee.ca.

Why is Guyana Coffee more expensive than other coffees?

This is due to limited supply, complex harvest and supply chain, the natural coffee beans being of an ultra rare variety and quality.

Is Guyana Coffee from the Amazon Rainforest?

Yes, it’s from the Pomeroon Region of the Amazon Rainforest located in Guyana, South America.

What coffee processing method is used in Guyana Coffee?

The “Wet Process” is used in the production of coffee from Guyana.

Why does Guyana Coffee taste so good?

Many factors contribute to amazing taste. Being cultivated in the miraculous Amazon Rainforest and a scientific motivated roasting process are major contributing factors.

What makes Guyana Coffee even better?

You can add Guyana Demerara Sugar to coffee from Guyana.

How do I consume Guyana Coffee?

Similar to a fine scotch, adding anything foreign devalues the taste and quality. Guyana Coffee should always be consumed black with Guyana Demerara Sugar, if desired. Never add milk or dairy.

Is Guyana Coffee becoming extinct?

Guyana Coffee is ultra rare and very difficult to harvest and may one day in the near future become extinct.

Is Guyana Coffee available for international purchase?

Yes, the company Guyana Rainforest Coffee in Canada has made this coffee available to the international consumer.


The coffee from Guyana is one of the most premium and best tasting coffees in the world. 100% naturally grown in the pristine and protected Rainforest, ethically sourced, GMO free and sustainable. Our coffee beans are the rarest of the rarest variety of coffees and offers an unprecedented and new coffee experience.

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